Delinquent Girl: Alleycat In Heat (1973)

Also Known As: Furyo shoujo noraneko no seishun
Director: Chûsei Sone
Cast: Yûko Katagiri, Eimei Esumi and Setsuko Ohyama
Subtites : English

Plot: Acclaimed Nikkatsu pinku eiga director Chusei Sone went slumming with this sleazy softcore melodrama about a teenage runaway (Yuko Katagiri) who goes to Tokyo and becomes a prostitute for her new yakuza boyfriend (Hideaki Ezomi). Ezomi leaves her for another woman, but suddenly becomes impotent and — impotent pimps not being much good at controlling their stables — promptly loses all of his hookers. Director Sone at least attempts to give the film his usual quirky attitude and glossy look, but the material really needed a grittier approach from a director of perhaps less talent, but more sleaze credibility. Setsuko Ohyama and Joji Sawada co-star.

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