Angel of Vengeance (1993)

AKA : Miao jie shi san mei
Director: Sung Pe Liu
Cast : Alex Fong, Yukari Ôshima, Alexander Rei Lo, Ah-Fat, Kan Chao
Country: Taiwan | Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : English

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In the tradition of Hard Boiled and Naked Killer comes this blistering action-crime thriller in which two young women entangled in a power struggle between a trio of mobsters must struggle to survive in a world run by vice and corruption. Starring Fat Chung (Deadly China Hero, Crime Story), Yukari Oshima(aka Cynthia Luster) (Super Cop 2) and Alex Fong (Storm Riders, Blood Stained Tradewinds)!

Angel of Vengeance is a cheap movie that looks to be made in Taiwan. The weird music at the start should tell you right away this is probably not going to be good. Yukari Oshima is an assassin who is looking to take down down super villian Chung Fat because he killed her parents when she was little and because he now has her sister as one of his prostitutes. Now I should give this movie a 1 star because of an unexcusable rape scene that I guess is meant to show us that rape would be a difficult thing to have happen to you. But since it has a couple of average ation sequences, I will give it a low 2.

Chung Fat unfortunately doesn’t get to do a lot of fighting, just like a lot of his movies. Yukari Oshima definitely gets the most fighitng time and thank God for her. No scenes you will be watching over and over again but it is always great to see her in action. Alexander Lo Rei(Ninja in the USA) is Oshima’s fiend and it is a dream to see him back in action in a modern day(1993) crime movie. Alex Fong shows up to do basically nothing and some blind woman gives maybe the best performance of the movies as Fat’s bodyguard. The final fight is incredibly stupid and when I spotted Ngai Sing(Red Wolf) as one of the henchman, I was excited throughout the entire movie only to see him die without even throwing a punch. and that pretty much sums up the movie, not enough action where you had all the stars you needed and even a couple of great extras. The story basically revolves around a girl doing research for a thesis she is doing on brothels. The only thing this leads to is her being raped and other horrible scenes in the brothel.

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