Kyokuto Kuro Shakai : Drug Connection (1993)

Director: Baba
Cast : Koji Yakusho: Ryosuke Kanoh
Masahiko Kondo: Nobuhisa Eguchi
Jessica Lanslott: Suzan Darell
Sawako Kitahara: Michiyo Kitahara
Sho Kosugi: Larry Matsuda
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –








Yakusho’s role in this film is that of a drug smuggler called Ryosuke Kanoh (34).

A short while after the film starts, we see Kano (Yakusho) and Eguchi (Kondo) in a toilet on an
international flight to Tokyo. Their way of smuggling cocaine is to swallow some tiny bags (i.e.
condoms) containing cocaine and to take them out after they have arrived home! This time,
however, Eguchi has made some error and suffers from a stomachache, and Kano gives Eguchi a
helping hand in the toilet.

The beginning of the film is rather humorous but the story gradually gets more sombre and
serious. In Tokyo, Kano and Eguchi quite unexpectedly find that the good quality cocaine which
they have brought from overseas does not sell at all.

Moreover they also find out that Shinjuku district has become a kind of battlefield,
with a cocaine market involving gangster groups from Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and Italy. The
result is that cocaine addicts can now get inferior quality cocaine, brought from overseas by these
groups, at a much cheaper price.

Kano duly is asked by a Hongkong mafia boss to kill the boss of a Taiwanese mafia group with
whom Kano is aquainted. Kano, it turns out, is a professional sharpshooter, due to his past
training in the French Foreign Legion. Kano is told by the Hongkong boss that he will buy Kano’s
cocaine at a high price, if Kano takes on the job; but Kano declines the offer.

While looking for buyers of his cocaine, he meets a beautiful but mysterious girl from Colombia,
called Suzan Darell, and they make love passionately in his flat.
Kano then meets another mysterious person, called Larry Matsuda, a Japanese American, who
turns out to be an undercover cop from the New York City Police. Later, Kano’s best friend,
Eguchi, is killed in his flat, together with his girl friend Michiyo, owing to their involvement with
the cocaine free-for-all.

The latter half of the film is really breathtaking: Kano, Larry and Larry’s supporters, including
Suzan, go to attack the Italian mafia group in a big hotel near the seaside.

They succeed in killing the Italian mafia group and destroying hundreds of kilos of cocaine in
sacks, but during the gunfight, Larry, Suzan, and all the others die, apart from Kano, who, in
extreme sorrow, points his machine gun towards the sky, firing

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