Last Erotic Train (2008)

Director: –
Cast : Shinkawa Maimi, Kitada Yuho
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

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In a crowded train compartment, Misa felt somebody is touching her body, in a sexually harassing way. A man stood out pointing to Yoshi, “Hey, stop it! You sex maniac!”. Misa let Yoshi arrested but she could not confirm he did it. However, she could not forget Yoshi until she met him again one day and began to change her feeling towards the suspect. To prove Yoshi is innocent, Misa and Yoshi… Meanwhile, Yoshi’s wife Takako tried to prove to herself her trust towards her husband Yoshi, after he became suspect of a sexually harassing case. She left home and started to investigate the mind of train sex maniacs, even to risk her body…until she met the mysterious psychiatrist…

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English Subtitles