White Rose Campus: And Then Everybody Got Raped (1982)

Runtime: 66
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : None
Country: Japan
Director: Koyu Ohara
Yuichi Minato … Leader of Hijackers
Nami Misaki … Hijacked Student on Bus
Mayo Miyamoto … Hijacked Teacher on Bus
Ayako Ohta … Hijacked Student on Bus
Miki Yamaji

Two hoods and a janitor with a menstruation fetish hold hostage a moving bus full of schoolgirls from the White Rose School. They let out the ugly girls and then… As if the film wasn’t misogynist enough, there’s a flashback to earlier in the day when the teacher chooses her career over her boyfriend (guess she should have stayed with him, huh?), though a couple of twists make it pretty anti-male as well. No torture, surprisingly, but some especially creeping sequences when the attacker’s motives become clear.

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