Rope Sisters : Strange Fruit (1984)

Director : Shun Nakahara
Cast : Makoto Yoshino, Hiromi Saotome, Naomi Hagio, Toshiyuki Kitami
Subtitles : None

To make a long story short, the two guys and gals are really digging their SM antics together but eventually the guy returns home to confront his wife who wonders where the hell he’s been for the past week. He makes up some excuse but she’s not buying it and asks him if there’s another woman involved. (No honey, actually two.)
Well, needless to say he can’t come clean. How is he going to explain to his wife how he innocently fell into this den of depravity? So he makes his way back to the strange house, sits down outside and lights up a cigarette.

mkv 2.51 GB