Rapeman 2 (1994) The Reipuman 2

Director: Takao Nagaishi
Cast :
Hitomi Okazaki
Hiroyuki Okita … Keisuke
Atsuko Takano
Miyuki Tanigawa
Sakae Umezu … Uncle Shotoku (as Sakae Umedu)
Yoshimi Yokosuka
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

Rapeman’s back and he’s ready to pull down his zipper!
The story is about Rapeman and his Uncle who are a tag-team of sorts and created a company together where their motto is “Righting Wrongs Through Penetration”. People want revenge Rapeman style, they go to the Uncle, and if it’s rape worthy, Rapeman does what he does best. Anyways in Rapeman 2, Rapeman Co. has realized that the hospital and the mafia are somehow related and they decide enough is enough. What follows is even more of what you wouldn’t expect from a movie called Rapeman. It’s full of kind and silly humor but also inserted with a some serious emotional scenes.