Rapeman 1 (1993) : The Reipuman

Director: Takao Nagaishi
Cast :
Junko Asahina
Rie Asai
Masanori Irie
Minako Ogawa
Hiroyuki Okita … Keisuke
Atsuko Takano
Sakae Umezu … Uncle Shotoku (as Sakae Umedu)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

RAPEMAN is a strangely fun and “charming” super-hero/crime-film series where the hero of the films “rights wrongs through penetration” by offering his services to disgruntled individuals who have a good enough reason. The “proceeds” from Rapeman Services also serves a good cause, and goes to the orphanage that Keisuke (Rapeman’s alter-ego) grew up in…
In this first installment of the series – we are introduced to Keisuke: mild mannered school-teacher by day – avenging angel of rape by night – and his goofy Uncle, who together run Rapeman Services. Their “services” are called-upon by a nightclub owner who tells a sob story about having her boyfriend, a current political candidate, stolen by his secretary, and asks Rapeman to “take care of her” as an act of revenge. This is done per the nightclub owner’s request – but we soon find that the story was just a cover to cause a bigger scandal that involves rival a seedy rival politician and the Yakuza…