Female Doctor: Flesh Slave (1986)

Directed: Katsuhiko Fujii
Runtime 1:06:39
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese
Cast: Kaori Asou, Jun Nakahara, Yasuko Takahashi, Jun Takemi
Story: Kaori Aso plays a warm and kind female doctor. She has a fiancee who is also a doctor working in the same hospital. The head nurse has her eye on Aso’s fiancee. One day the head nurse passes a porn flick to the fiancee in which the lead actress resembles Aso (but it is not her). The fiancee asks Aso how she could be so shameless as to make a porn flick, rapes her, and calls off the wedding. To clear her name, Aso confronts the head nurse who says she got it from a bar owner. Aso finds the bar owner and tries to find out the origin of the tape. The bar owner agrees to help her and subsequently calls her to meet a person who knows about the tape. It turns out to be a trap and they rape her while making her watch her “double” making a porn flick. While watching this, she makes a note of who the male lead is. Finally, she finds the male lead and hopes he will clear her name. He pretends to agree, takes her home, then tells her he dosen’t believe her, and rapes her. After the rape, he realizes that it is indeed not Aso who was the lead actress. He goes and tells the fiancee and after investigation, the fiancee realizes he has made a big mistake, and asks Aso for forgiveness. Of course, after all of this, she really wants to be a porn actress instead of a female doctor.

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