The Uncle (2017) – HD

AKA : 삼촌 (sam-chon)
Director : Kim Hyoung-jin (김형진)
Cast : Jung Ye-jin, No Ji-yoo
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

The life of Ip-sae, a 19-year-old girl who cannot get out of her own bed due to psychological injury, is as motionless as a plant. Having no family and no clue of her family’s mysterious history, she lives completely dependent on her neighbors and a female social worker named Ja-yeong, but starts to feel suffocated under the (hidden) abuse and the looks she gets as if she was something to be eaten up. One day, in the midst of her hellish everyday life, a stranger comes to her house. Known to be her uncle, Ip-sae is not sure whether he will be her new guardian or another predator. This stranger wrapped as a “family member”, seems to be a threat not only to Ip-sae but also to the neighbors. Unfamiliar emotions develop and a peculiar atmosphere is created between Ip-sae and her uncle while danger from the outside begins creeping upon the two. Would Ip-sae, who is like a plant at the bottom of the food chain, be able to leave her bed and live? Actually, would she even be able to stand up from her bed?

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