Secret Dalliance (1999)


Director: Stephen Yip Tin Hang

Cast :
Alan Chan Kwok Kuen
Tom Poon Jan Wai
Jimmy Wong Shu Kei
Bobby Yip Kin Sang

Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : EnglishPlot

‘Secret Dalliance’ is the continuation of ‘The Karma of Sex,’ which ends with MI Yeung-sang (POON Chun-wai) undergoing an operation to enlarge his member. “Secret Dalliance” starts off with Yeung-sang’s new length. He goes back to accept the challenge of the erotic maze set by the Japanese girl. With the aid of his large appendage, he wins. Glowing with success, he decides to take advantage of his large member to make money. He sets up a company targeted for girls, so that he can turn into a gigolo. However, one day, Yeung-Sang finds that his appendage is out of control. It collapses when he wants it to be erect.

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