Erotic Ghost Story III (1992)

聊齋三集之燈草和商 Erotic Ghost Story III (1992)
Director : Ivan Lai Gai-Ming
Country: Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese
Subtitle(s) : English

Pauline Chan Bo-Lin … I-Meng
Cheung Ging-Fa … Witch
Shing Fui-On … Reverend Wick
Chik King-Man … Chu Chung’s fiancee
Otomo Rena … Witch’s girl
Kenny Wong Tak-Ban … Chu Chung
William Ho Ka-Kui … Witch’s enemy
Tanzawa Aki … Witch’s girl
Lee Sau-Kei … Waiter
Chang Seng-Kwong … Rascal
Tam Wai-Man … Rascal
Lee Yiu-Ging … Main thug
Jack Wong Wai-Leung (1) … Guard


The once mighty Tang Dynasty is in its decline. The big land of China is being visited by famine, natural disasters and devils of all descriptions. Learned people forsake careers as officials, preferring to roam the countryside righting wrongs. Chu Chung is such a person. Everywhere he goes, beautiful Suzie, who is betrothed to him, follows. So they meet Wick, a monk endowed with magic powers. Chu Chung sees a picture of an exceedingly beautiful girl and falls in love with her. He begs Wick to help him cross the human-spiritual barrier to enter the picture. Chu Chung meets the girl Yi-meng. They make love. Little does Chu Chung realize he has fallen into arch demon Vixen’s trap. Unwittingly, he kills the upright god of justice. Suzie helps a repentant Chu Chung escape into the human world. She herself is incarcerated. Wick and Suzie reluctantly help Chu Chung enter the spiritual world again. Righteousness prevails. Vixen loses the war. And Yi-meng is transported to the human world. Unfortunately, Suzie dies. But she may not have died after all…[from the Rim Films Catalog] Dark adult fairytale. Scholar Chu Chung and his fiancee stay in a deserted temple, one dark night. Their host is Reverend Wick, a monk with the ability to shrink in size. Chu is drawn to a wall-frieze of three frolicking nymphs, which is a door to another world, and he convinces Wick to help him cross over. There, he is bewitched by I-Meng, whom he quickly marries. But trouble arrives in the form of Meng’s mistress/boss. Man, this is one really wicked witch ! For instance, she tricks Chu into believing that her sworn enemy (played by Ho Ka Kui) rapes her two handmaidens. Chu then kills the enemy, which leaves her (the witch) all-powerful. Back in the real world, Chu’s fiancee and Wick try to bring him back, but are then drawn to cross over as well. There are a few dashes of horror (e.g. the wicked witch eating the body of her recently-slain enemy) and comedy (Wick shrinks, to get inside the private parts of the wicked witch).

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