The Pearl of Oriental (1992)

AKA : Naked Assassins
Director : Chan Chun-Tak
Cast : Chan Wing-Chi, Kent Tong Chun-Yip, Otomo Rena, Roy Cheung Yiu-Yeung
Country: HongKong
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles : Chinese | English

Tony is engaged to Sandra Lo, whose mother is company chairwoman Helen Lo. Although Tony swears he’ll be true to Sandra, he quickly beds mother Helen. But Tony is secretly working for Chiu, who is planning a hostile takeover of Lo Enterprises by fair means or foul, including showing photos of Tony having sex with Helen to Helen’s business partner Tsang. Chiu’s son Fat is also a rival for Sandy’s affections, causing he and Tony to have a few spectacular brawls over her. Roy Cheung puts in a guest appearance as Chiang, the trainer of the Lo’s racehorse Lucky, and he (Roy, not the horse !) gets a few fu kicks against the villains as well. And their family chauffeur Li puts up a pretty good final fight against Tony.

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