Thirst (2009) Director Cut – HD

AKA : Bakjwi
Director : Park Chan-Wook
Cast : Song Kang-Ho, Kim Ok-Vin, Shin Ha-Kyun
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : English

Kim Ok-Vin

Sang-hyun is a priest who volunteers his time conducting his ministry to patients in a small town hospital. Although well respected for his strong faith and dedicated service to those around him, he suffers from overwhelming feelings of doubt and despair about living in a world that seems to be drowning in suffering and death. With the hope of saving even one life, he volunteers to participate in a risky experiment in Africa and ends up contracting the deadly Eve virus. With the transfusion of a mysterious blood, Sang-hyun then comes back to life as a vampire.

Upon his arrival back in South Korea, news of his miraculous recovery spreads quickly, and devoted parishioners, thinking that he has the gift of healing, flock to his services. Among the visitors are Kangwoo, Sang-hyun’s childhood friend, and his family. Later, Kang-woo invites Sang-hyun to join the weekly mahjong night at his house, and there Sanghyun finds himself dangerously drawn to Kang-woo’s wife, Tae-ju.

Living with her sick husband and his over-protective mother, Tae-ju leads a dreary, unhappy life. She is drawn to Sang-hyun and his strange new physicality, and he is unable to resist his desire. So they begin an affair. But when Tae-ju discovers the truth about his new life, she retreats in fear, only at first. When Sang-hyun asks her to run away with him, she turns him down, suggesting that they kill her impotent husband instead.

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