Angel Guts: High School Co-Ed (1978)

AKA : Jokousei Tenshi no Harawata
Director : Chūsei Sone
Cast : Machiko Ohtani, Sanshô Shinsui, Megu Kawashima
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

Kawashima, Kajima, and Sadakuni spend their days riding motorcycles and terrorizing/raping young girls. Kawashima is overly protective of his little sister, Megu, who does not know about her brother’s terrible activities. While out with Megu, Kawashima comes upon Kajima and Sadakuni, who are going to rape a school girl named Nami. Not wanting his sister to see what is happening, Kawashima stops them and tells Nami to head back home. This causes a rift among the friends and Kajima tells Kawashima that to make up for his transgression he must rape Nami. Kawashima soon finds himself in a difficult position as his friends distance themselves from him and his sister is drawn into a bad situation.

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