Moods Of Love (1977)

AKA : Feng hua xue yue
Director : Han Hsiang Li
Cast : Hua Yueh, Feng Ku, Kai Kang, Shirley Yu
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles : English

How far would you go for love? Or lust? These are the questions posed in this sinfully entertaining Sung Dynasty period effort. Split into two tales, the first one involves a devilish magistrate who tries to tempt a Buddhist monk out of his self-professed celibate control by hiring a pretty prostitute. Over the course of a stormy night, the alluring girl uses all her feminine wile to test the will of the poor monk. The second story is the tragic tale of an exploited young girl who is mistreated by various employers until she is ultimately forced to work in a brothel owned by an unscrupulous couple. When she discovers her mother was also a mistreated inmate at the same brothel, grief and anger compels her to take revenge. Starring the queen of femme fatale, Shaw Yin-yin.

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