Marquis de Sade’s Prosperities of Vice (1988)

AKA : Akutoku no sakae
Director : Akio Jissôji
Cast : Yasumi Hara, Renji Ishibashi, Seiran Li
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

This is well enough made with stylish cinematography and bold dialogue but struck me as a bit too pretentious and repetitive. There was much more talk than action and the action, although occasionally surprisingly nasty, also at times rather coy. There is plenty of semi nudity but little interaction. I was reminded of Café Flesh with its over emphasis on the wacky and clever and also Terayama’s Fruits of Passion, which like this had great sets but a tendency not to deliver. Clearly a very difficult enterprise and if this didn’t quite succeed it is certainly interesting enough. Maybe if I hadn’t gone into this expecting a rip roaring extravaganza, I may have got more from it. Another time perhaps, when I’m not feeling quite so tired?

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