The Tale of Shuten Doji (2012)

AKA : Genkai Eros Kyoten: Shuten Doji
Director : Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Cast : Nanako Hirai / Rin Toyosawa / Naota Okawara / Shinji Fujikawa
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

This is the third film of the Genkai Eros Kyoten series where the eroticism and dazzle of classical literature are interpreted to new heights of expression! In the Heian era, demons come to kill aristocrats and monks and kidnap females. Their chieftain is Shuten-doji, and his female companion is Ibaraki-doji. A famous noble, Fujiwara no Michinaga, orders his four best commanders, led by Minamoto no Yorimitsu, to take down the demons. Yorimitsu heads to the mountain where the demons are and finds kidnapped females in celebration with them. In order to weaken their guard down, Yorimitsu joins the party. Soon, Ibaraki-doji begins to tell her story on why she became a demon. As a princess of a rich family, she lost her father to conspiracy and was continuously raped by aristocrats for ten days. She became a demon to exact revenge on them by destroying their government and establishing the kingdom of demons, who begrudge the world. Yet what is Shuten-doji’s story? And what turn will the battle take?

File Size: DVD 3.78 GB