Late Spring (2014) – HD

AKA : 봄
Director : Cho Keun-Hyun
Cast : Lee Yoo-Young, Kim Seo-Hyung
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

Lee Yoo-Young / From : Tunnel (OCN / 2017) / The Treacherous

Set in the 1960’s. Joo-Goo (Park Yong-Woo) is viewed as Korea’s best sculptor, but he suffers from a disease which will paralyze his body slowly. He gives up interests in the arts and just spends his days meaninglessly. His wife, Jung-Sook (Kim Seo-Hyung), tries to find a nude model for him, hoping the model might inspire to sculpt again.
One day, the wife meets Min-Gyung (Lee Yoo-Young).

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