The Golden Lotus (1974)

AKA : Jin ping shuang yan
Director : Han Hsiang Li
Cast : Chun Yang, Ni Tien, Ping Chen
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : English

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The director of this semi-pornographic movie is NOT the same person as the great Li Han Xiang, who is too renowned and reputable to stoop so low to direct a movie like this. Some idiot has plagiarised the great name to boost this sub-standard movie. The great Li Han Xiang does not need this kind of money – he retired a very prosperous and well respected personage in the Hong Kong movie circles. This movie may have its merits for the kind of audience it is meant to target at, I am not disputing the artistic value of this particular show ( although my personal opinion is to put it in a sordid, boorish and overly lascivious interpretation of a very classic well-written albeit slightly erotic piece of Ming-period literature).

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