My Friend and His Wife 나의 친구, 그의 아내 (2008)

Movie: My Friend & His Wife
Revised romanization: Naui Chingu, Keuui Ahnae
Hangul: 나의 친구, 그의 아내
Director: Shin Dong-Il
Genre: Drama / Suspense-Thriller
Studio: Prime Entertainment
Subtitles : English


Two young men, Ye-Joon (Jang Hyun-Sung) and Jae-Moon (Park Hee-Soon), have been close friends since their military service days. Ye-Joon has now become a successful financier, while Jae-Moon has taken a more modest route and works as a cook. Nevertheless, Jae-Moon enjoys a happy home life with his wife Ji-Sook (Hong So-Hee) and their new-born son. Meanwhile, Ji-Sook tolerates her husband’s friendship with Ye-Joon, but everything changes after the tragic death of their child caused by Ye-Joon.

Hong So-Hee :