A Sudden Love (1995)

AKA : Ou yu | Ping ju
Director : Shui Wing-Tin
Cast : Pauline Chan Bo-Lin, Dick Lau Tik-Chi, Cindy Yip Sin-Yi
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : Cantonese | English

A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230544.781 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230550.357 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230617.133 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230626.892 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230634.652 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230640.355 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230704.554 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230711.878 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230737.937 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230744.781 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230803.108 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230812.772 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230815.512 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230838.651 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230841.699 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230849.680 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230855.511 A Sudden Love.mkv_20170407_230900.739

A young woman leaves the pressures of city life for a relaxing vacation on a remote island in the Philippines. Her vacation soon turns into a wonderful romantic escapade that will never be forgotten…

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