Deep Story (2016) – HD

AKA : gip-eun sa-jeong
Director : Shinji Imaoka
Cast : Choi Min-ho-I, Oda Asuka, Yura Sakura
Country: Japan | Korea
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : Korean

깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212153.683 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212158.693 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212204.826 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212217.042 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212232.144 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212237.288 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212249.917 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212256.345 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212303.052 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212310.748 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212326.436 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212338.274 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212347.071 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212349.619 깊은사정.2016.2016.1280x720,HD-NW.mp4_20170221_212400.467

Love of taboo and mixed fate; love tends to corner you the more you try to get out!
Hostess Aki has drinks with men and gets allowance in return.
She survives day by day until one day she hears from Saiki that there is someone looking for a fake marriage partner. Aki thinks about it, but in the end decides to do it and marries Jin-il when she is on the verge of being evicted.

They become a married couple but Jin-il’s girlfriend visits from Korea and they have sex every night…

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