Cuffs – The Lost Virgin (2002)

AKA: Shojo Soshitsu
Directed by:
Toshiki Sato (Perfect Blue – Live Action, Tokyo Booty Nights, Sumo ot Pot, Tandem, Atashi Wa Juice)
Nikki Sasaki, Taishi Matsunaga, Chika Saito, Asami Sukura, Shingo Mukai
Subtitles : EnglishPlot/Synopsis:

Set over a 10 year time period, “Cuffs” stars the amazing actress Nikki Sasaki (Nurse Sisters: Pink Consulting Room), as a woman who loses her virginity at 18 during a one-off sexual encounter and then meets the man again five years later. They have sex and part only to meet up yet again five years later still…

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