Tasty Working Girl (2017) – HD

AKA : mas-iss-neun wo-king-geol
Director : Hwa Ni (화니)
Cast : Ahn So-hee-I, Jang Chang-myung, Eun Jeong-I, Min Ho
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

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Min-jeong breaks up with her boyfriend she dated for 3 years. She leaves on a trip to heal her wounds.

However, she meets some strange men on the way! Hoon-jae has erotic thoughts on his mind as he stalks her. Min-jeong hitch-hikes to avoid him and meets another strange man!

Min-jeong gets even more hurt on a trip she left for to heal her broken heart. Then she meets Myeong-sik and he’s different from the other men she’s met. Min-jeong can’t stop looking at him and Myeong-sik also likes her.

The village widow Yeon-joo doesn’t like them and she’s Myeong-sik’s sex partner. She tries to separate them. What will happen to them?

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