Yankee Doctor (2012)

AKA : Lady Gang Doctor
Director : Tomoaki Aiba
Cast : Alice Ozawa / Momo Yurino / Yasuteru Kamata / Takako Tsuchiya
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

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Ryoko Kanzaki, 24 years old. Hi, there! I’m the new surgeon. In a small country town surrounded by rice fields, a woman doctor arrives. She’s Ryoko Kanzaki, 24 years old. Ryoko was an outlaw. She just couldn’t take the pressure, being born as a daughter of the genius surgeon Yuji Kanzaki. Yet somehow, she managed to become a doctor. She came to work at a hospital where her father used to work. As short tempered as she was being an outlaw, she got into troubles with the patients all the time. But when the hospital got involved with the local mob over the sell-off, she had to do something.

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