Nun Story: Frustration in Black (1980)

Director : Nobuaki Shirai
Cast : Eri Kanuma, Yukie Ishii, Masato Furuoya
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

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Japanese nunsploitation cinema is not as popular as Italian.Some entries in this genre include Norifumi Suzuki’s very stylish “School of the Holy Beast”,Masaru Konuma’s “Cloistered Nun:Runa’s Confession”,Koyu Ohara’s “Sister Lucia’s Dishonor” and “Wet Rope Confession”,Hiroshi Mukai’s “Nun:Secret”,Nobuaki Shirai’s “Nun Story:Frustration in Black” and Mamoru Watanabe’s “Rope Of Hell:A Nun’s Story” and “Electric Bible:Sister Hunting”.”Nun Story:Frustration in Black” is a pretty perverse and blasphemous Japanese nunsploit.There is plenty of sex and whipping on display and even two scenes of nun rape.I have this Nikkatsu pinker in Japanese with no subtitles,so the plot went completely beyond me,but as a fan of Japanese exploitation I enjoyed it.8 out of 10.

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