Maidroid (2008)

AKA : Rôjin to rabudôru: Watashi ga shochô ni natta toki… | Maid-Droid | AI kôkando sensâ tôsai: Meidoroido
Director: Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Cast : Abo, Hiroshi Fujita, Hiroyuki Kaneko, Akiho Yoshizawa, Anri Suzuki, Yôko Satomi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : Englishmaidroid-mkv_20161225_010715-338 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010732-905 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010736-989 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010743-520 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010747-556 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010749-540 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010807-504 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010812-228 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010817-224 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010823-015 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010829-863 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010833-139 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010837-243 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010845-714 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010848-386 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010854-498 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010858-418 maidroid-mkv_20161225_010905-822

Mr. Ueno, retired, lives alone; he talks to Maria, a maid-droid his parents brought from their factory decades ago. Maria became Ueno’s companion after his parents’ deaths, and now her battery is run down; there are no replacement parts. Meanwhile, Inspector Akagi and her police squad are looking for a serial rapist that may not be human; however, if it’s a robot, in harming people it would be disobeying Asimov’s rules of robotics. Akagi’s inquiry takes her to a droid factory run by Mr. X; he helps by explaining why host-droids, the male equivalent of a maid-droid, don’t sell. What will Ueno and Akagi learn about love and the nature of men and women?

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