Johnen: Love of Sada (2008)

Director: Rokuro Mochizuki
Cast : Kai Ato, Toru Emori, Toru Kazama, Chieko Misaka
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –johnen-mkv_20161220_003754-291 johnen-mkv_20161220_003756-798 johnen-mkv_20161220_003817-797 johnen-mkv_20161220_003822-121 johnen-mkv_20161220_003828-141 johnen-mkv_20161220_003858-456 johnen-mkv_20161220_003908-336 johnen-mkv_20161220_003915-968 johnen-mkv_20161220_003920-947 johnen-mkv_20161220_003926-763 johnen-mkv_20161220_003939-299 johnen-mkv_20161220_003944-751 johnen-mkv_20161220_003950-102 johnen-mkv_20161220_003955-938

Sada Abe was a prostitute turned waitress who got into a heated love affair with her married employer Kichizo Ishida. The couple would have marathon love making sessions that would last for days.
Eventually Sada choked Kichizo to death – due to her account that she could not bear the though of him with other women.

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