From the Back or from the Front (1980)

AKA : Ushiro kara mae kara
Director: Kôyû Ohara
Cast : Yôko Hatanaka, Yuki Kazamatsuri, Koshirô Asami
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221811-712 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221817-368 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221831-816 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221835-736 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221858-299 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221906-607 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221915-094 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221921-750 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221936-454 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221943-493 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221947-085 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221949-677 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221952-929 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_221958-041 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_222000-205 from-the-back-or-from-the-front-mkv_20161213_222003-929

This movie was made as part of Nikkatsu’s “Roman Poruno” (Romantic Porn) series that I believe now has over 500 titles to its credit. It was made in the days when frontal nude was still illegal in Japan, so it’s a soft porn movie, but it’s loaded with fun and erotic moments.

Yoko (Yoko Hatanaka) is a girl friend of the boss of a biker gang Fukuzawa. A motor cycle cop also has the hots for her. Yoko, while attending high school, also works for a cabaret, and have uninhibited sex life. She has sex with Fukuzawa and customers who comes to the cabaret along with the girls who belongs to the biker gang. There’s no love between her and Fukuzawa, but the motor cycle cop really loves her. Yoko also flirts with the motor cycle cop, and eventually they get serious. Yoko decides to leave Fukuzawa and the motor cycle gang, to be with the motor cycle cop.

Teeny bopper singer Yoko Hatanaka stars in this movie. It’s not so sensational for an ex teen star to appear in Nikkatsu’s Roman Poruno series, and she sings the title song of this movie. All sorts of playful situation is packed into this short 67 minute movie, and it’s fun to watch the erotic situation comedy of different people getting into their kinky sex habits. It reflect the real culture of early ’80s Japanese society, and is very innocent and fun to watch.

Ushiro kara mae kara means “From the back, and from the front”, and is a bit naughty title for a movie.

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