Perfect Education 3 (2002)

AKA : Jin shi pei yu 3: Xiang Gang qing ye
Director: Sam Leong
Cast : Kana Ito, Tony Ho, Naoto Takenaka
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

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Ai was a brilliant and attractive high school student, but when her father abandons the family her mother becomes alcoholic and ceases to care for her. Her grades fall as she becomes increasingly lonely. During a school field trip she leaves her hotel to wonder in the city. As night falls she takes a taxi only to be taken to the countryside. Bo a lonely Chinese taxi driver has decided in desperation of his own loneliness to kidnap her. He keeps her confined in a room for many days without mistreating her or abusing her. He cuddles at night to sleep next to her. Slowly Ai begins to realize that he is just as lonely as she is. The day he leaves the door unchained, instead of running away, she realizes that this is her new home. Eventually she is found and returned to Mr Hashimoto, her teacher, so he can take her back to her mother. The teacher realizes Ai has found happiness. Written by jorgeq Houston, TX

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