Black Hair Velvet Soul (1982)

AKA : Dark Hair – Velvet Soul
Director: Mamoru Watanabe
Cast : Kumiko Hayano, Izumi Shima , Junko Ike, Kazuyo Ezaki
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

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Tachibana is a drunk scumbag whose gambling compulsion ends up putting him in a bad way with the local Yakuza. Unable to pay his debt, he hocks the deed to his wife Izumi’s restaurant (which she inherited from her now deceased father) in order to stay out of trouble with the thugs. Fortunately for ol’ Tach, at least he’s got a sex-crazed hooker mistress who takes care of him when he’s down-and-out and decides to leave his wife out of shame. The Yakuza make it clear that wifey has now inherited her husband’s debt, and that if she can’t pay up, she’s gonna get put to work – and I don’t mean washin’ dishes. Luckily for her, Izumi also has a lover who comes up with the interest on the debt, but will he be able to help pay the rest off before Izumi ends up as a Yakuza f!ck-doll???

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