Virgin Breaker Yuki II: Western Liscensed District (1976)

AKA : Tamawarinin Yuki: nishi no kuruwa yûzukirô
Director: Yûji Makiguchi
Cast : Masumi Jun,  Yuki Morisaki,  Ryûichi Nagashima
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : Englishvirgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213216-131 virgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213223-226 virgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213300-257 virgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213304-433 virgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213311-533 virgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213316-188 virgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213322-896 virgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213328-640 virgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213331-604 virgin-breaker-yuki-2-1976-mkv_20161105_213335-468

The sequel depicts Yuki’s love affair with a young brothel owner who was once a Noh singer, and his complicated relationship with a woman who follows him around. Their love triangle nearly dissolves in Yuki’s favour, but takes a sudden turn after an intervention of a perverted painter who believes in fatalism.

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