Same Bed Different Dreams (2005) – 6 Episodes End

AKA : 同床異夢
Director: Bong Man-Dae
Cast : Heo Young-Jin, Kim Mun-Su, Im Jeong-Eun
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

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This movie, or mini-series, or whatever it is, is supposed to be one of those sexual awakening/experimentation opuses, told in six separate vignettes of about an hour each, but trust me when I tell you it’s nowhere near as fun as it sounds. It’s shot in ugly Digital Video made even worse by an interminable style obsessed with putting the camera in the worst possible spot in order to cover what I’ll charitably refer to as the action. To be fair, this visual style gets a little better in the later episodes, in spite of the fact that they’re all directed by the same person. I can see the exchange between the director and the cinematographer clearly: “We’ve got to give each chapter its own individual look, man…”

I guess this is one of those things purporting to approach eroticism from a female point of view, in opposition to the overwhelming presence of male-orientated pornography and general T&A in movies and television. This is all very well in theory, but the result in this case is no more insightful, or indeed interesting, than the average (very) soft porn flick. Which is not to say it doesn’t have a couple of pervy highlights in between its long, long sequences of young women walking dreamily around their apartments or staring pensively off into space.

Same Bed, Different Dreams (2005)

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