The 33D Invader (2011)

AKA : Mi Tao Cheng Shu Shi 33D
Director: Man Kei Chin
Cast : Wu Qing-Qing, Akiho Yoshizawa, Taka Katô
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : English / Chinese

VTS_03_1.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_232715.059 VTS_03_1.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_232746.410 VTS_03_1.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_232753.702 VTS_03_1.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_232808.545 VTS_03_1.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_232848.519 VTS_03_1.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_232920.875 VTS_03_1.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_232927.942 VTS_03_4.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_233000.834 VTS_03_4.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_233019.745 VTS_03_4.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_233023.272 VTS_03_4.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_233037.305 VTS_03_4.VOB(The 33D Invader)_20160831_233052.096

A girl named Future has to re-populate the human race after radiation attacks from the Xucker race have made 99% of men on Earth infertile in the year 2046.

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