Dead Prison : Woman Hunting デッド プリズン 女囚狩り (2011)

Subtitles : None
Japanese Title:  Dead Prison Joshu Gari
English Title:  The Death Prison
Director:  Tetsuya Takehora
Cast:  Uta Kohaku / Akari Hoshino
[2011 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 75 min.]
Subtitles : None
An island of legal lawlessness and murder that is not.. In 202X, capital punishment is abolished in a ferment of humanitarian reform. As a result, the prisons are full of death-row inmates with no place to be put. So the government launches a project, the Death Prison, to reduce the increasing numbers of prisoners. For murderers in particular, their new sentences are implemented on an inescapable, isolated island where a former idol, Akane Kakizaki, has been incarcerated. Due to temporary memory loss, she doesn’t know why she’s there, but her punishment only just starts when she begins to be attacked by the now-“legal” murderers.

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