Woman Hunting: Bijo-gari ウーマン・ハンティング 美女狩り (2011)

Director : Ezura Takaaki
Subtitles : None
Star: Nishino, Ayukawa na, love playing, LUY, Ayano Saito ka Mizuhoplot: (Translation Software)
5 women that are needy in gold in each of the reason. The woman who is brought to come is location, it was in the vast forest you do not know where also. According to the description of the organizers, 10,000 yen per minute if Nigekire from three Hunter 5 hours, called gold a total of 3 million yen to enter the hand. However, if you are caught in the Hunter, the waiting is death. Girls or be able to run away is!? Kick off the real-Manhunt multiplied their lives.

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