There is a Secret in My Soup (2001)

Director: Yeung Chi Gin
Cast : Michael Wong, Chiu Chiu Chan, Angela Tong Ying-Ying, Wing Yin Cheung
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Chinese
Subtitles : English

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THERE IS A SECRET IN MY SOUP opens at the scene of the crime and then progresses to the police station, with the officer in charge of the investigation (Michael Wong Man-tak, dubbed by someone else here) questioning the various parties involved. This provides the necessary lead-in to the flashback structure these films invariably adopt. Abused by her husband, Maggie Chan (Cherry Chan Chiu-chiu, who co-hosts the popular cable sex show CALL 2430 WHENEVER YOU WANT) moves out and into an apartment shared by Pat (Angela Tong Ying-ying) and her spouse Rocky, (Hugo Ng Toi-yung). Maggie begins working as a prostitute for the latter but eventually steals some money and Rocky’s fancy lighter, prompting the pimp to send psychotic debt collector Joe (Gabriel Harrison / Hoi Chun-kit) after her. Maggie gave the cash to her sickly grandmother, so Rocky demands that she continue to work as one of his girls and pay him $HK20,000 in four instalments. She runs away again, however, and Pat is unable to stand up for her this time. Rocky, Joe, and their buddy Fei then takes turns abusing Maggie in increasingly horrific ways.

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