Kanzen Shiiku (2011) – HD

AKA : Perfect education: Complete feeding | Director: Ueda Medium | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | Subtitles: – | Length: 75 mins
Cast : Sasa Handa

A tragedy suddenly came to Misako, who left the company and is waiting for happy days. Misako is abducted by someone while she is meeting her fiancé Shinji for a date. And the place where Misako was brought in was a house that could never escape. It was a man named Seitaro who confined Misako. Misako receives all kinds of insults from Seitaro. Why do I have to meet such an eye … Misako is in despair, but she thinks of Shinji and desperately tries to escape, but fails. And gradually the truth of this case becomes clear.

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