Female Prisoner: Case Maria (2012)

AKA : – | Director: Jiro Ishikawa | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | Subtitles: – | Length: 84 mins
Cast : Amemiya Kotone, Yu Uehara

Maria (Kotone Amamiya) is raped by a cock during a date with her lover Takayuki (Ryo Asagiri). When resisting, Maria accidentally kills one person. Although he insisted on self-defense, he was unfairly sentenced to two years and ten months in prison for manslaughter and was imprisoned in a secret prison far from the mainland. Welcome to hell-the containment was a secret prison on a remote island. Rape, violence, abuse, bullying. The lonely battle for the innocence of Maria, who spends humiliating days, finally begins-the long-awaited release of the latest work of the popular “Female Convict Scorpion Series”!

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