Miss. Lady Professor (2006)

AKA : Miss. Female teacher | Director: Norihiro Takeuchi | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | Subtitles: Chinese | Length: 72 mins

Cast : Akari Hoshino, Hiroshi Fujita, Rikie Ono, Kenji

Popular AV idol, Akari Hoshino challenges the role of a new female teacher. Every day during work, I am attacked by sleepiness of unknown cause. It is deeply and indecently fitted into the trap that the surrounding men have planned.

Contents (from “Kinema Junpo” database) A
sensual drama in which sexy idol Akari Hoshino plays an indecent new female teacher. Reiko Mizukami, who became a long-sought teacher, was attacked by an unexplained sleep during work and suffered from a nasty dream. Reiko, who gradually becomes unable to distinguish between reality and dreams, falls into an obscene world. R-18 work.

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