Red Vacance Black Wedding 1&2 (2013) HD

AKA : Bolk-eun Ba-kang-seu Keom-eun We-ding | Director: Kim Tae-sik | Country: Korea | Language: Korean | Subtitles: – | Length: 85 mins
Cast : Ahn Ji-hye, Oh In-hye, Lee Jin-joo

Once having worked as director and assistant director, the two directors now come together in this ‘relay movie’ about an immoral liaison. The title is not the only provocative part about this movie. So is the actual narrative and level of expressions. It is comparable in many ways with [From Seoul to Varanasi], from its perspective on immorality to the way it captures the naked body, but it is completely different in style and flavor. Unlike [From Seoul to Varanasi], which is suggestive yet frankly honest, this movie is more of a comic melodrama, with an erotic touch here and there.
The well thought out vacation plans of an immoral couple is ruined when the husband’s wife joins in. It is truly a damned vacation([Red Vacance], Kim Tae-sik). As a professor, he officiated the wedding of his lover and student. That night, she does not go to her honeymoon, but visits him([Black Wedding], Park Chul-soo). The movie is structured in an experimental manner, mixing fiction and documentary, but the simple and frank straightforwardness in the performances is unexpectedly refreshing. The impassioned performance of the forever supporting actor Jo Sun-mook, who this time plays the role of the man in both episodes, is worthy of a ‘rediscovery’. (JEON Chanil)

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Red Vacance Black Wedding 2 (2013) HD
AKA : Bolk-eun Ba-kang-seu Keom-eun We-ding 2 | Director: Choi Wee-an | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | Subtitles: – | Length: 88 mins
Cast : Moon Ji-yeong-I, Yu Ann

The obsession hasn’t ended yet, tragedy is created and endless passion has begun.

Hong-chae has never been in a relationship before and she’s tired of the man who has been coming into her flower shop everyday for the past 2 years. She’s scared of Jeom-dong who shows obsession and one day tells him that she’s got a fiance so to stop coming through her co-worker Hae-wook. Jeom-dong stabs her and runs away. A year later, Hong-chae was living a normal life, without a thought about Jeom-dong when she meets him again. This time, he approaches her through her childish mother, Seon-ae, as her boyfriend. He starts showing crazy love towards them, desperate and violent…

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