Love Conquest (2020) – HD Uncut

AKA: yeon-ae wan-jeon jeong-bok
Director: Kim Jae-hyun-II (김재현)
Cast : Kang Ye-bin, Shin Sae-rom
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

An imminent, bewildering journey to conquer love begins!
Yeong-seok had a crush on his club mate, Hee-yeon. He decides to confess her love after 1262 days but gives up upon witnessing Hee-yeon kissing her senior. With his roommate, Byung-soon’s recommendation, Yeong-seok visits a dating coach website called ‘Adventure M’ and he will meet another applicant, Myo-ryeong. Myo-ryeong who picked up and dropped off the perfect-looking, sexy Yeong-seok, offers a motel tour…

We will teach you the best know-hows for men and women!

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