Seeding of a Ghost 種鬼 (1983) – Uncut

Director: Chuan Yang
Stars: Norman Chu, Phillip Ko, Maria Jo
Runtime: 1:29:40
Subtitles : English
Chau is out driving his taxi one night when he accidentally runs over a man – a sorcerer being chased by a mob of angry villagers for his graverobbing shenanigans. Chau takes him away from the scene, but the sorcerer warns him that once black magic has entered his life, his destiny will be marred by bad luck. As if on cue, his sexy wife starts seeing another man, and is later raped and killed by a pair of oversexed young thugs when she is dumped by her lover. Chau enlists the help of the sorcerer to get revenge on the three men responsible for her death, despite the warning that the consequences of this course of action would be disastrous.