Juvenile Wife (1980)

AKA : My Wife’s Sister
Director : Shiratori Shiratori
Cast : Etsuko Hara, Shingo Yamamoto, Nami Misaki, Yoshiyuki Kazuko
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

Plot (Google Translate)
On that day, Etsuko waits for her husband and Norio to return home after finishing the preparations for cooking, which was the birthday of Etsuko, the newlyweds. At that time, Norio was drinking snacks. Norio, who works for the Koshinsho, was sick of the company because he broke her after cheating on a cheating customer, and couldn’t tell her wife. Hatanaka and Ezaki of the company came there and made a settlement of 1 million yen paid to the other party. Norio was beaten by a mess and managed to return to his apartment. The next day, Etsuko calls Norio’s company and is informed that her husband quit a month ago. Tamura, the office manager of the post office at work, gently soothes Etsuko who is stunned. At that time, Norio was intensely intertwined with Etsuko’s dormitory Yuriko. That night, Hatanaka and Ezaki, who had just paid for debt, violently committed Etsuko who could not pay. Etsuko quit the post office and started working in the cabaret to repay the debt. A few days later, Norio returned to his apartment and was appalled when he heard that he found Hatanaka and cut it with a knife. Etsuko goes to a hot spring with a disgusting guest to pay for the doctor. When he comes back, Norio disappears and hears from a neighbor that he is at Yuriko. In her apartment, she heard that she had Norio’s child and escaped involuntarily. However, Etsuko decided to walk by the seaside and wait for Norio to return.

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