The Woman Who Keeps a Murderer (2019) – HD

AKA : Satsujinki wo Kauonna
Director : Hideo Nakata
Cast : Rin Asuka, Shoka Oshima, Airi Matsuyama, Hitomi Nakatani
Country: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : Chinese

Kyoko (Rin Asuka) was sexually abused by her stepfather when she was a child. As a coping mechanism, Kyoko developed dissociative identity disorder. She has multiple personalities to protect herself. Kyoko now lives with Naomi (Shoka Oshima), Yukari (Airi Matsuyama) and Haru (Hitomi Nakatani). Naomi is a lesbian who likes Kyoko. Kyoko begins to have feelings for her novelist neighbor. Since then, Kyoko’s fragile balance in her mind collapses.

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