Captive Factory Girls 2: The Revolt

Director: Mikio Hirota
Cast : Ai Sayama / Nana Otone / Rino Konno / Natsuki Asada / Misato Shouda
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : EnglishPlot:
Azusa Nagasawa (Ai Sayama) became a hostess to pay off her boyfriend’s debt.
When Azusa witnesses Risa (Nana Otone) being raped by a customer, she quits, taking another job at a steel factory in a desolate part of town.
Her co-workers Yuri (Rino Konno) and Yoko (Natsuki Asada) hate her, and her only friend is a young girl, Naomi.
Security Guard Miyagi sexually abuses Azusa and Naomi disappears under mysterious circumstances. While the mystery surrounding Naomi’s disappearance deepens, Azusa finds a clue . . . the stage is set for a climactic showdown at the factory.

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