Ghost Story of Kam Pin Mui (2000) – 10 Eps.

AKA : Liaozhai, Jin Ping mei
Director : Qian Wenqi
Cast : Huang Meizhen, Chen Yuqi, Wen Su, Bai Yuchen, Gu Feng, Wu Ma
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Chinese
Subtitles : Chinese

Plot (Google Translate)
One day, Jin Lian and businessman Zhao Tianyou met at the riverside, and they were in love with each other. However, because of the greed of Jinlian’s stepmother, Jinlian was sold to the brothel. After Jin Lian went to the brothel, she was forced to succumb to the sorrow of the brothel owner Cui Wei. God blessed a few hardships to learn about the whereabouts of Jinlian. When God blessed Jinlian, he just rescued Jinlian, who was looking for a short-sightedness, and decided to escape with her. Unexpectedly, their whereabouts were discovered, God bless was killed, and Jinlian was taken away. In order to protect Jinlian, it turned into a devil, and scared away the people who wanted to play Jinlian, which made the brothel business plummet. Cui Wei came up with a Taoist priest to deal with God Bless, and finally God Bless and Jin Lian separated.

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