Stop the Bitch Campaign (2009)


AKA : Enjo-kôsai bokumetsu undô
Director : Kôsuke Suzuki
Cast : Rio (Tina Yuzuki), Mayu Sugano, Emi Hirai
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

Following “Stop the Bitch Campaign” (2001) and “Stop the Bitch Campaign: Hell Version”(2005), “Stop the Bitch Campaign” (2009) is the third version of the series which has garnered strong cult support. The third-generation of heroin is played by AV actress, Rio. Her rival named Kuni is played mysteriously by Kenichi Endo, who also played the same role in the second version. The original work is written by Hideo Yamamoto who wrote “Homunculus” and Tetsuya Koshiba who wrote “Tennen Shojo Man”. The director is Kousuke Suzuki director the second installment “Stop the Bitch Campaign: Hell Version.”

Mysterious pervert Kuni (Endo Kenichi) is strongly against the practice of “compensated dating” prostitution, and yet inexorably drawn to the sexy young call girls he scorns. To make Japan a better place, he embarks on a cruel campaign to rape, punish, and humiliate teenage call girls. After a number of girls fall victim to Kuni’s SM torture, Aya decides to fight back with a campaign of her own! Based on Yamamoto Hideo’s manga, the oh-so-entertaining sexploitation revenge flick Stop the Bitch Campaign keeps its priorities in the right place, going completely over the top with a loopy storyline of sex, sadism, and sweet comeuppance!

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