Naked Poison (2000)

AKA : Shou xing xin ren lei
Director : Man Kei Chin
Cast : Sammuel Leung, Gwennie Tam, Sophie Chin Man Ngan
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : English

Office worker, ugly and shy Min, not only suffers from a lack of success in women, but is also humiliated by everyone around. He gets his kicks taking sneaky snaps of his female co-workers, spying on his neighbors having rough sex, and coating himself in oil before bashing one out to internet porn; things change, however, when he mixes ingredients from his late grandfather’s medicine shop to create the ultimate aphrodisiac/date-rape drug, which he uses to satisfy both his sexual urges and his desire for revenge on office bullies Winnie and Peter.

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